Solar Eclipse in China 2009

July 16th to 26th 2009

These pictures are from my trip to China in 2009 to watch the total solar eclipse.

This gallery is unfinished.

Most of the pictures are not here yet - I'm underway selecting pictures for this gallery.

Hotel at Suzhou
Silk Factory
Master of the Nets
Tiger Hill
Humble Administrator's Garden
North Temple
Pan Men Gate
We stayed at Suzhou, which is located some 150 km west from Shanghai. It is a city of some 6 million people, more than in the entire Finland.

The Eclipse
Lingyin Temple
West Lake
Longing Tea
Getting there
Chinese country-side
Coming back


The pictures presented here have been reduced to size 1152x768. Original pictures taken with Canon 40D have 10Mpix resolution and are only available by request.

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