WarWorld - Real-time strategy game prototype

First alpha version 0.1.1 works nicely 1.2.2000. There are various small glitches and crashes, but at least players can shoot each other and destroy their units. And it looks pretty.

Original plan for the software (in Finnish)


WarWorld (project work name) is a prototype of a multi-player real-time strategy game in a two-dimensional world. Commercial games in the genre include titles such as Dune, Command&Conquer, StarCraft, Total Annihilation, WarZone, etc.

Currently there exists no such game for Linux, even a commercial one (Myth II is slightly different kind), although there are some freeware projects in progress [Boson].

The intention with WarWorld is not to create a complete, full-featured game, but a prototype that contains just the essential basic features.

Development team:

Basic prototype features



Future of the game is open. CVS accounts for the server and common code can be given by request.


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